Sensors technology

Electrochemical sensors and biosensors have found broad extensive applications in assorted ventures off late. These days, many analytical instruments used in environmental, food, pharmaceutical, or clinical laboratories and furthermore most of the commercial point-of-care devices work using chemical sensors or biosensors. Day by day, the numbers of sensors or biosensors coming from the bench of research laboratories to the shelf of the commercial markets are increasing. Due to the high demand of the world market and human interest for having a device to check the concentration of species in different samples, simple and fast, in recent years, a hard competition on design and construct of new sensors and biosensors have occurred among the researchers.
Currently, researches in this field focus on the development of novel sensor materials, advanced biosensors and devices using a variety of inputs for diverse applications including environmental and safety monitoring, diagnostics and wearable electronics. Also, they are employed in observing the surroundings like temperature, humidity, pressure, position, vibration, sound etc. besides using in various real-time applications to perform various tasks like smart detecting, a discovery of neighbour node, data processing and storage, data collection, target tracking, monitor and controlling, synchronization, node localization, and effective routing between the base station and nodes. Sensors based on bio-compatible piezoelectric polymeric nanomaterials are being developed for applications in biomedicine.
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